Patient Testimonials

  • When I first came to Summit, my mobility in my knee was limited and I was unsure as to what my future would be. But I came to realize that professionalism, trust, and hard work would help me achieve my goals, both short and long term. Because of the professional ethic of the therapists at Summit I learned to trust their input towards my recovery. I also appreciate the different personalities of the therapists. They actually made the hard work fun!

  • I feel i made tremendous progress rapidly and I plan to advise my physician to recommend Summit to future patients. It has been a pleasure being here!

  • Everyone here is so professional and so well trained I would highly recommend them.

  • I tore my rotator cuff and after undergoing surgery and therapy @ Summit it feels stronger than ever.

  • My neck and headache feel 75% better after only one visit; amazing.

  • My knee pain is 75% better after only 6 visits at Summit.