Sports Specific Training

What Is Sports Specific Training?

Sports specific training involves performance training exercises designed specifically for athletic performance enhancement. The enhancement training programs includes areas such as endurance, speed, recovery/regeneration techniques, prehabilitation, rehabilitation, injury risk reduction, nutrition, strategies, sleep, mental preparedness, ability, flexibility, power, strength, and speed. A general program should include all the components while a more specific program focuses on just a few niche areas, varying upon the athlete’s specific needs and the demands of the chosen sports.


How Does Sports Specific Training Work?

Depending on the type of sports the athlete engages in and the areas the athlete requires training in, the trainer will conduct a fitness assessment and gap analysis. Gap analysis involves the calculation of the client’s current fitness status and what is required to be achieved for his/her fitness goals. Here’s an example of the gap analysis model:

  • Setting the athlete’s goal
  • Assess all of the relevant fitness areas specific to the sport engaged
  • Calculating the difference for each fitness component between the ideal and the current levels

After the assessment, the trainer will design a training program based on what is required to improve each of the respective fitness area in that particular sport that the athlete engages in.


Why Should I Do Sports Specific Training?

A sports specific training program helps to condition and train the athlete’s performance not only for the sport they engage in, but even right down to the specific playing position they are in. There are several benefits to this specific training program, including:

  • Training the muscles tissues or aerobic energy systems specifically for the time frame of the athlete’s sports
  • Reduced muscle soreness
  • Reduced risk of injuries and faster recovery period
  • Less fatigue
  • Ability to train longer

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Injury Prevention

At Summit Sports and Spinal Physical Therapy. From tennis to swimming to golfing and more, we are able to help you avoid common risk injuries and aid you to perform better in your chosen sport. Every type of sport will have its unique set of demands. For example, golfing requires you to focus on posture while running will require you to focus on your lower extremities. With our team of Sports Therapists and expert ancillary staff.

we are confident to help you tailor an individualized training program, focusing on your needs and capabilities, to help you get stronger and better in the sport that you specialize in.

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